Wednesday, April 6, 2016

VIDEO: 3 Hung Black Bulls ravaging white wife, Hubby Watching!

if you still thinking that your innocent white wife dream about your tiny dick and want nothing but you, just watch this video and you will see what you and your wife ( obviously) is missing: hours and hours of infinite pleasures, fucked, impaled and blacked by real big black cocks trning her into a fucktoy! yes Black Men have the magic to do shit like that, and you and your wife secretly know it! just jump on!

Queenbitch Paris

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gallery : Black Dicks, White faces : the art of pleasing white wives.

Facial expressions of white women taking Big Black cocks is a huge turn for many IR lovers, we are talking sissies and BBC a lot in the blog and some cuck fans messaged me for more Interracial Cuckolding content, which i will try to do soon, to start discover this very hot collection of amateur blacked white wives in the moment where the cameras captured the essence of Black pleasure on their slutty faces. Enjoy, share and reBlog.

QueenBitch Paris

Thursday, March 10, 2016

VIDEO: Sucking BBC makes Hot White Milf squirting..

Missing Mistress's Finnest BBC Faping collection ? you will be served, cehck out this hot Pro-amateur video showing what happens to White women when they get what they want:  a nice big black cock, and you will understand the power of the BBC! this hot milk squirted just sucking her Bull's beefy african cock. yes BlackMagic is fucking real!

Queen Paris

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Sissy day and Thank you!


When i started the blog i wanted it to be a place where all the BBC lovers can meet, exchange and share their stories, showing love for Superior Black Men, promote Black supremacy and understand who they are, and why they are sissies in service of our Black Gods. few years later, i realise how much i changed, from my past pathetic life as a so called "straight white boi" to a total, feminine BBC Whore, but also how this blog have changed so many lives, allowing them to find their ways, to find them selves and admit their place in the New Black Order. everyone knows that it's just a lifestyle, some of you are living the fantasy, some of you shared with me their incredible stories of radical change, their first BBC or how they convert their white wives, daughters, sisters to serve. some others still struggling with their sissy part, still stuck into fantasy and didn't had the courage yet to cross the line.

To everyone, i wanted to wish in this 8 of March, a very happy Women's day, because whatever you are, or behind which masculine body you are hiding, i know that you know the truth: that you are  great persons that believe in the Power of love. 

BBC Worshiping is not about COCKS, it's about Love and respect, it's about living life, about sharing and of course about pleasure, yes because we forgot sometimes that we deserve that pleasure that make us happy, that pleasure that make us ourselves.

It's also an opportunity for me to thank all my fellow Paris Sluts Academy trainees and graduates that did a very great job during the program, achieving great things together. 

being a sissy faggot is before everything, being our selves, the community changed a lot since ive starteB this blog,  they are more present, more active, a lot of us stoped hiding and showing their faces and their kinky interracial adventures on the web. Sissy faggots  are also the best supporters of the life style, and Black Men biggest fans and Loyal fans.

in this glorious day, i know that in every city, in every town, a Superior Black man can be sexually worshiped and satisfied.

Thanks to my followers, friends and fans: you are more than 14 K on twitter, 7000 visitors on the blog each month, more than 3400 friends on Xhamster, 3000 on Xtube,  and 1400 on fetlife.

thanks for your love, for your amazing stories, let's make this community the best place for the Superiors, let's share love for BBC, let's live our lives as total BBC sluts and be proud.

QueenBitch Paris

VIDEO:: Black Man with a HUGE BBC make white girl suck him in a Club!

Oh my gosh, Guys you will love this short video showing how it's easy for Black Men to seduce White women in Clubs and make them do things they never thought doig before, like sucking Big african dicks infront of everyone :O check this shit out bitches and do yourself and your wife a favor, share her with a Black Bull ;)

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

VIDEO: Tumblr's Amateur Big Black Cock Cumming!

Bitches, i know what you want when you come here, i know what you crave the most,  about what you fap your lill winnies the most, and QueenBitch will give it to you, check out this very hot 100% amateur BBC creamy hot cum video fresh from Tumblr, and share the love!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Psychology of Sissy faggots

A sissy faggot is indeed a complex animal, not a man, not a girl, it's something els, somewhere between everything with a specific definition of himself and a certain attachement to all his sides, Yes a Sissy faggot is also attached to his "public" life as a so called " straight avrege chump", he have a life, maybe kids and even a wife! he don't wanna let this go, even with his passif "straight" sexual activity. in this new series of articles we will evoque this complex and specific psychology from different aspects.

The Big Cock effect: from a "Man" to a Cock obsessional Animal

we can define two aspects that can make a "straight" man goes Sissy, one of those aspects is :
the Size. Men are obsessed by their cocks, are they big enough, are they small, erected enough or  disfonctional,  it's the man's elementary focus and of course it affect his sexual life. a big (maybe the biggest) part of the sissy community are not satisfied with the size of their so called "dicks". this is one f the reasons that more and more men are going sissies, we live in a modern world with a lot of sexual preasure coming from TV, Porn, Movies etc. but we can't deny that it's alsosomething that we are born with, sissies have always been a bit feminin, a bit fragile, a bit emotional and sensual.

this obsession comes usually in 3 phases ( see chart bellow) it starts when you realise that you have a tiny and useless dick, unable to reach a women G spot, you ask your self a lot of questions and you realise quickly that other men have much much bigger cocks than you, and that's Phase number 2. so you start watching more and more porn and you litteraly fuck your brain with all those images of Big Black cocks impaling white pussies, you are frustrated because you can't have a girlfriend either and you discover all those hot kinky stories about white wives and women going black for BBC.
Phase 3 already! congratulation you are officially a O.C.C.L ( Obsessive Compulsive Cock Lover)
it's a complicated sentence to say that you have now a Dick in your brain!

    2.1 Profiling a Sissy faggot

   The second aspect of being a Sissy faggot is a choice that you will make, now that you are an OCCL, you start to be very curious and you slowly develope a web addiction.  the are two choices, one of them is to keep living in a fantasy world, dreaming about your inexistant sexual life and deal with depression, frustration that will leads you to be a O.C.W (Obsessional compulsive wanker).

But you can also a realistic Sissy faggot wannabe and make your way through the wonderfull world of internet dating as you can see in the graphic.

2.2 Profiling a Sissy faggot

once you are in "reality" a multiple of choices and horizons will open to you, we can define easily 3 basic profiles : Trav or Crossdressers, Transgender and Cuckolds.
Depending on his/her background, every sissy faggot can choose to follow one of those paths, Crossdressers are one of the most growing community during the last decade and the most intresting to observe, Crossdressers are attached to their "straight" lives, and their "hétéro" social cover.  the reasons are multiple : family, wife and kids, or a comfortable financial and social position. anyhow this doesn't mean that they are less flexible or open, at all, Crossdressers use their "Sissy Side" very well and enjoy every moment to explore the pleasure to have non string attached sex experiences with Men. they are very loyale, naughty and willing to give the best sexual service to their partners.

in the other hand, Cuckolds evoluate in another dynamique, they live their fantasies in a couple, they are more intrested in their wive's pleasure, their own pleasure is attached to their partner's one. the cuckold community is not recent, but more and more focus on interracial cuckolding as a life style. black men are their favorite partners, as they are concidered as the Best when it comes to Sex.
The cuckold community is one of the biggest supporter and promoter of Interracial Sex, Black Men superiority and Big Black Cock popularity. The Cuckold can choose to be or not sexualy active in Sex. again he need his wife and Bull's green light to join the experience.

    3. Once you go Black...
    how to talk about Sissy faggot psychology without talking about one of the most influencial factor     on Sissy's life : BIG BLACK COCKS.  every sissy faggot knows why BBC are important in his         life. it's actualy it's one of the main reasons that turned him into a Sissy. Big Black Cocks are the       ultimate Sissy goal. he knows that, his wife knows that and now he finaly submited to this truth.
    he must worship Black Men and concider them as Sex Gods.

    4. Sissy-Lesbianism

   there are a lot of benefits to be a sissy faggot. you are not stuck in cases anymore, you evoluate now    in an open network, meeting differents profiles and your body is more than ever tempted to try and      feel new sensations, Sissy lesbiansm is one of those amazing new pleasures that every sissy should      try at least once, it's will open your mind on your inner you and take you on a sensual and feminine    journey to discover your feminin side.

    4. Sissyionary : The sissy language
Being a Sissy faggot is also being part of a community with it codes and languages, you will quickly understand those codes and integrate them, your dick is now a "clitty" and your ass hole is now a "pussy"..welcome to a brand new world gale ;)

You can download the full infographic in HD here, don't hesitate to share it and share with me your thoughts and comments.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sissy EXPOSED!! Meet "Sissy Madison", Paris Sluts Academy Graduate

Hi Bitches, hope you doing great! a lot of you are sending me emails and information request about my BBC Sluts Academy, asking about how it works and shit like that, so i thought that the best way to tell you more about this program is actually to expose to you one of my fellow BBC Sluts that will share with you her story and how the Academy changed her life.

Her name is Sissy Madison, she is 25 years old from L.A (USA) and she graduated from the Academy in 2014,  now she is a total BBC Slut, dedicating er life to serve Black Masters in her area, ladies, please meet : Madison.

Sissy madison

Mistress Paris: Sissy Madison, im very happy to welcome you to my blog, can you please give us a little introduction?

Sissy Madison : Hello everyone, my name is Madison i'm 25 years old white sissy based in LA i'm very fem and i take in pride in my look and I love it. I'm well educated, adventurous and I like to chill and have a good time. i'm 5'11 tall and a cute butt.

Mistress Paris: can you tell us how you life use to looks like before joining Paris sluts academy?

Sissy Madison : before the academy i was simply a lost sissy who didn't know what her purpose was, torn between girls and boys, had a girlfriend but still feeling something missing in my life, so i use to spend a lot of time watching Porn, fascinated by those Big Black Cocks stretching white pussies, pleasing women...

Mistress Paris: So, how did you found out about the Academy ?

Sissy Madison : With all this horny curiosity, i open an account on I was browsing around the groups, searching for kinky stuff when i found Mistress Paris Academy Group, i sent her a message straight away, saying i'm curious about joining the Program

Mistress Paris: Can you tell us how and why you were curious about Black Supremacy, BBC worship and the interracial life style in general?

Sissy Madison : I have always been attracted to Black Men but I didn't realize until Mistress Paris pointed it out, interracial was and still my fav category of porn to watch. seeing the skin contrast just turns me on, and my God all those Monster Black Dongs..who can resist that ?

Mistress Paris: as a "straight" boi...was it hard to embrace the truth, and accept your place in te New Black Order ?

Sissy Madison : It was really easy for me, i don't know why, maybe because it's what i always searched for, it felt so right and natural to accept it. i was a lost teenager, looking for what desire and pleasure is, and i finally found it in the sexual Submission to the Black race, offering all Black Men the exclusive use of my holes to satisfy all their sexual needs...

Mistress Paris: Wonderfull! tell us now about the Academy, the training and how it changed your
 life ?

Sissy Madison : The Academy training was very informative, both phases, theory of the Black supremacy and the assignments were interesting, I did enjoy my time training, I have learned a lot about make up and how to look and act feminine, how to seduce Black Men, how to act respectfully in their presence, was a full program that turns you from a novice curious bi boi to a total feminin TV...thank to you Mistress Paris (laugh) ;)

Mistress Paris: Oh thanks babe! and then you met your first Superior Black Man, you experienced your first BBC..tell us more about it

Sissy Madison : After my Graduation, with the assistance of Mistress Paris, i quickly had my First BBC experience, and it was the best sexual experience i ever had! I was shocked and i was intimidated by the size to be honest. I couldn't deep throat or anything like that... i was choking and it did hurt at first but after like 15 min or so"Black magic" happened... i had my first "sissygasm" without touching my clitty which sooooo hot!!

Mistress Paris: what happened to you after your first BBC? what changed ?

Sissy Madison : so naturally after that amazing experience, i started to be obsessed, i wanted more and more, it felt so good and i felt like this is my place, this is what i m meant to be, a Sissy Slut made to be deep fucked in all my holes by Hung Black Masters that own me forever, so i started to look for more BBCs, and i got more and more..
Mistress Paris: tell us about your feminization, sissification processSissy Madison : I'm a perfectionist, so i take my time to look good and as you said it's a process,
it doesn't happen in a night. I keep my body smooth through waxing twice a week i don't use razors on my body. I trim my eyebrows once a week and of course i try different styles with make up a lot.
I simply watch make up tutorial on youtube and practice everyday practice make perfect i guess.

Mistress Paris: did you felt the need to convert people around you to became a BBC slut like you and join the community ?

Sissy Madison : Yes I did. I mean i felt so happy and complete and I wanted other people to feel the same, starting with my family, one day, me and my sister were having a random conversation about guy at the gym and so and while speaking i did mention to her that black guys are really packing and all the white boys look at them with envy. she didn't believe me at first but last I saw my sister with a black guy and she introduced him as her bf. so i asked her if the guy was packing and she said '' the best sex i have ever had'' i don't think she will be dating white guys again. Its not just sex everything is just simply better

Mistress Paris: What a wonderful story, so tell us why white bois , girls and wives should go
Black ?

Sissy Madison: Cause black men are real MEN. If you been with guys before you will def notice that black men are more confident and funny than any other race. The way the talk walk anhow they handle themselves makes them superior.
Mistress Paris: what is your role and your duties as a Black owned slut ?Sissy Madison: my role is def to serve every Superior Black Man in all the possible ways, and make my Master happy all the time.

Mistress Paris: are you a Black Cock only ? why?

Sissy Madison: Definitely I'm. As i said before it just feel right and it makes me happy so yea.

Mistress Paris: what is your ultimate fantasy?

Sissy Madison: Having a family with a Superior Black Man of course! that is the dream. I hope someday it will happen.

Madison worshipping a BBC

Mistress Paris: now that you are an experienced BBC slut, can you share with us some of your secrets...what attract black Men ? what do they like the most.. how they like to be serviced ?

Sissy Madison: They are pretty simple, that's what i like, Booty...Black Men love big bubble butts. So squadding and keeping a strict diet will give you that amazing butt ;)

Mistress Paris: To finish, what kind of advices you can give to the future black sluts wannabes ?

Sissy Madison: just go for it!!! don't do it half way, invest in it, like i did by joining Paris Academy It takes time for sure but the end result is worth it I promise.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Video: Sexy White BBW VS Monster BBC

everyone knows that, you need to seriously pack if you want to fuck a BBW! because those fucking machines can smash your lill pee wee if you are white and you think you can handle them, trust me, pass your way and let REAL MEN take care of the job, this video is the perfect proof that a Superior Black Man is the answer for all the desperate BBW housewives that are looking to feel a REAL COCK inside of them, and this sexy BBW here understood that quickly, and she is giving her Black BULL a memorable Blowjob, showing her skills..enjoy


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year BBC Lovers !!

a bite late to send you my greetings tinyweeners, but it's never too late right? QueenBitch was in a vacations in the beautiful city of Barcelona oh yes ;) i wanted to share with you this little short but very very hot video of a Superior Black man's new year wishes, specially dedicated to all the BBC worshippers and black men lovers, especially my fellow Trainees at Paris BBC Sluts Academy and all my fans out there, let me join this Hot BBC and wish you a very happy new 2016 year full of kinky love, if you still hesitating to go black, if you have to make one new year resolution, let's make this one : GET YOUR SELF A BBC  and ENJOY IT!